One of the key actions as part of the Amazonia 2.0 Project is the development of a regional platform, conceived as a dynamic and integrating tool that articulates the information gathered in each of the project's intervention areas as a result of a long process of generating local capacities and implementing community monitoring. One of the technological components of this regional platform is the GeoViewer (GeoVisor in spanish), where information from our six intervention countries can be visualized.

The information available in our GeoViewer is represented by interactive maps that allow us to visualize, in a dynamic and intuitive way, information on various topics such as: monitored zones, project intervention areas, number of monitors, biodiversity monitoring, climate monitoring, forest governance indicators, land use monitoring, among other topics identified as priorities to contribute to territorial management and governance processes where Amazonia 2.0 is being implemented.

We invite you to explore our GeoViewer, visualize the available information, perform spatial analysis, consult and even print your own maps!


Tutorial 01

Introduction to the platform

Tutorial 02

Control menu

Tutorial 03

Navegation tools

Tutorial 04

Attribute table

Tutorial 05

My data: GPX and KLM

Tutorial 06

My data: CSV

Tutorial 07

My data: shapefiles

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