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In Guyana, the Amazonia 2.0 project is being implemented by the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) through the North Pakaraima District Council (NPDC) in 7 communities within the Potaro- Siparuni Region (Region 8) in an approximate work area of 1,000 hectares.

These communities are home predominantly to peoples from the Patamona nation, and in others reside peoples of the Macushi nation. The communities where the project takes place are Campbelltown, Micobie and Moruwa in sub-region 2, and Karisaparu, Chenapou, Kopinang and Monkey Mountain in sub-region 1.

Much of Guyana’s forested lands are located within traditional indigenous territories and already managed through customary rules. However, as indigenous communities face increasing external threats to their lands and ecosystems, they are also mobilizing to monitor these threats and develop management plans to protect their territories.

Mining is one of the primary sources of lands and resource conflicts in Region 8, with both significant human rights abuse and environmental harm recorded in the communities where the project is underway. Other threats include unsustainable forestry practices, ranching, the construction of hydropower dams for alternative energy and to some extent disputes with Guyana’s Protected Areas Commission.

The majority of indigenous villages and communities in Region 8, including five of the ones participating in this project, are members of the North Pakaraimas District Council (NPDC), making them an ally in the evidenced-based monitoring. The other communities have been participating in meetings of the NPDC and are slated to become official members of the body.

Additionally, upon the completion of the project, the NPDC will be able to use the analysis of the data and technical reports produced in their meetings with state officials and other advocacy campaigns.


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