In Peru, the project is implemented by Eco Redd, in 12 Ashéninka communities, in the department of Ucayali, province of Atalaya. The work area is 190 thousand hectares, space where 80% of the communities are engaged in logging and have forest extraction permits, an important feature of the project scenario in this country.

Amazonia 2.0 works hand in hand with important indigenous institutions such as the Inter-Ethnic Association of Development of the Peruvian Jungle (AIDESEP) and government entities such as SOFSSA, SERFOR and OSINFOR. Also there are actors involved from civil organizations.

Amazonia 2.0 in Peru already has the recognition of the “Veedurías” (monitoring) by the state, as a management, governance and monitoring model, for forests and indigenous territories. In this way, monitoring has become the technical support of the communities. They work in territory management, monitoring (extractive industries and forest management) and governance.

The signing of the private sector pact, a declaration of intention and commitment, has been achieved to work the wood in a legal and transparent way.

In Peru there are now 12 community monitoring and 2 indigenous monitoring groups conformed, implemented and constituted, for a total of 18 monitors and 27 custodians operating.

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