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In Suriname the Amazonia 2.0 project is being implemented by the Amazon Conservation Team Suriname (ACT-S) in central and south Suriname. The Amazon Conservation Team has over 24 years of experience in Suriname and partners with local indigenous and other communities to protect the forest and strengthen their traditional culture.

Together with ACT the Trio and Wayana indigenous peoples of south Suriname and the tribal peoples of central Suriname have mapped 7.3 million hectares of territory. A total of 32 male and female rangers from these regions have made possible that land use and zoning maps are now available for the future development of forest communities in Suriname. In addition, ACT supports its partner communities with alternative livelihoods, cultural heritage preservation and the implementation of several sustainable development goals. 

The A2.0 project is being implemented in 6 indigenous communities and 10 tribal (maroon) villages known as the Matawai area.  With the implementation of A2.0 ACT aims to position local processes and initiatives of local indigenous and tribal communities in their efforts to reduce deforestation to generate political, media and public impact towards an improved forest governance in Suriname.

Due to the major impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on ACT’s operation in the interior of Suriname, adaptive measures led to a number of consultancies, mostly comprising of desk studies, of which the reports with recommendations will enable ACT and its partner communities to further build on/strengthen the processes in order to have local communities included in forest governance, thus leading to reduced forest degradation in Suriname.

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